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Can a weekend be truly complete without a delicious brunch? Maybe, but for those weekends you’re craving a mimosa with a plate of eggs, you’re in luck. Greensboro is home to some great brunch spots, just a short drive away from Revolution Mill Apartments. Here are a few of brunch spots around Greensboro.

Scrambled Southern Diner

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Everything you need to know about Scrambled Southern Diner is right there in the name, or is it? This “little gem on spring garden street” is located in the heart of Greensboro’s historic neighborhood, Lindley Park. From their scrambles to their benedicts, this eclectic diner has something for everyone. It would be an injustice to leave out their drink menu, especially because it contains the “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bellini.” How can we resist? They also feature local area farmers and North Carolina products throughout out the menu. Scrambled Southern Diner is located at 2417 Spring Garden St.

Dame’s Chicken & Waffles

They had us at chicken & waffles. Dame’s Chicken & Waffles is where “where crispy, Southern fried perfection meets deliciously sweet European decadence.” Their comfort food combinations will fulfill your heart’s desires. They have a total of 10 dishes inspired by the chicken & waffles combination alone. Not to mention their world famous shmears and shrimp & grits. We’re told regular ol’ butter is also available if shmears aren’t your thing. They also have vegan, sweet potato & gingerbread options. Dame’s Chicken & Waffles is located at 301 Martin Luther King Jr Dr.

Iron Hen Cafe

Hold the phone. Iron Hen Cafe has a Guilford Mill Stone Ground Grit Bar. You read that right. But wait – there’s more. How would you feel about a burrito bar? All of our brunch dreams just came true. They even deliver for those Sunday mornings you just want to brunch in your pajamas.  Their brunch menu also includes breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, and breakfast bakes. Of course, if you do venture out to the restaurant in person, you can take advantage of their full bar. Iron Hen Cafe is at 433-107 Spring Garden Street.

Mimi’s Cafe

At Mimi’s Cafe, you can have the best of both worlds in a rustic setting. Their menu includes French and American staples. Their handmade crepes and quiches will take your brunch experience to another level. We’ve got our eyes on their Farmhouse Tacos, because the only thing better than tacos is breakfast tacos. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Mimi’s Cafe has a French toast selection that will make choosing an impossible task. Have a glass (or two) of Triple Berry Mimosa to wash it down. Mimi’s Cafe is at 3322 W Friendly Ave.

Smith Street Diner

Wake up and smell the bacon at Smith Street Diner. Their menu includes solid options such as Mexican Eggs, the classic buttermilk pancakes, and 3 egg omelettes you can create with your desired ingredients. If you’re a breakfast for dinner type of person, you’re in luck. Smith Street Diner serves breakfast all day long. Yes, that includes their homemade biscuits. Smith Street Diner is located at 438 Battleground Avenue.

There’s nothing like brunch to start or end your weekend on the right note. Bring your appetite and your friends to any one of these five brunch spots around Greensboro, NC. They’re just a short drive from Revolution Mill Apartments. If you’re in the area, stop by to check out our new community. We promise you’ll never want to leave.


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